Over the strategic and innovative framework of "One Belt, One Road", and within the context of cooperation and exchange between Shenzhen and Spain in some aspects, the Municipal Government of Shenzhen decided to establish the Shenzhen Industry and Commerce Association in Spain on the year 2019, in order to meet Shenzhen's internationalization needs.

In consideration with the significant contribution made by the company PuenteChina España in promoting communication and cooperation between Shenzhen and Spain, Liling Qi is appointed as the first president of the Shenzhen Industry and Commerce Association in Spain.

In November 2021, the Mayor of Shenzhen, Qin Weizhong, and the Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, signed a Twinning Agreement between Shenzhen and Barcelona via video conference, which promotes the transition from collaborative cities to sister cities for Shenzhen and Barcelona.


In September of 2019, the AICSE was inaugurated, and the Symposium of the Promotion of the city of Shenzhen took place simultaneously.


In October 2019, the President of the Association Liling Qi received the “Award for the International Friendship” handed by Her Majesty Queen Leticia.


The association was born with the mission of giving service to the Spanish companies with interests in Shenzhen and Chinese companies established in Spain.


Work towards improving competitiveness, internationalization, innovation and cooperation between the two economies, attracting and stimulating investment, as well as technological and scientific transfer between Shenzhen and Spain, and promoting the training of young talents in both countries.


The association will be at the service of its members, protecting their legitimate interests in both territories, providing assessment and support, being the representatives before authorities and organisms, as well as organizing events regularly so the members can increase the interrelation and collaboration with other companies.
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